GitHub code review on demand

Tap into decades of software development experience to help you make better products, faster.

Small teams trying to move quickly and effectively often face pressure to release early and often. Without guidance, your application can become difficult to work on. This means slower release cycles and an inability to adapt to a fast-paced market.

For $750/month, you get experienced thoughtbot developers reviewing your code on GitHub, providing valuable feedback, optimizations, and insights into best practices. We will help increase your team’s velocity while shipping high-quality code, accelerating the review process. Along the way, you'll see new approaches to solving problems and feel confident that your codebase is maintainable and scalable.

The monthly plan covers a team of 2. Every additional 2 team members receiving Reviews coverage costs an additional $750/month. For teams of 7 or more, .


1–2 developers


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3–4 developers


5–6 developers